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Timeless Charm of the Denim Skirt

Denim skirts have become a staple through the test of time, blending comfort and style. This versatile piece has timeless appeal and continues to evolve. The denim skirt has a silhouette and fit for every body type and is easy to incorporate into your daily fashion repertoire. In this blog, Iʻve taken Global Village Kailua's denim skirt through the evolution of time using current pieces that you can find now.


This decade is when the denim skirt debuted as an alternative to the denim short. Originally made from scraps of fabric from denim jeans. A newly introduced concept, flower children of the 70ʻs incorporated the denim skirt into their free flowing lifestyle. Global Village Kailuaʻs 1970's interpretation of the denim skirt for the 70's is denim on denim. Check out Global Village Kailua's version of the chambray button down top


Global Village Kailuaʻs Denim Skirt 1970s styling


In this decade, it was pencil skirts, oversized jackets and acid wash denim. Big hair and listening to rock bands like Kiss, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Van Halen, and pop icon Michael Jackson. For the 80's look, I took inspiration from Michael Jacksonʻs iconic moto jacket. Hereʻs Global Village Kailuaʻs corduroy version of the moto jacket.

Global Village Kailua 1908s denim styling

1990's thru early 2000's

Denim skirts weren't too popular in the 1990's, but toward the end of the decade, mini versions were popping up on celebrities. Baywatch actor, Pamela Anderson, made baby tees, showing your midriff, and denim mini skirts popular in 1996. And other celebrities like Tyra Banks and Paris Hilton created their own version of the trend. Here's my version with Global Village Kailua's lavender tie strap camisole top.

Global Village Kailua's 1990's denim skirt styling

Late 2000's

The latter part of the 2000's decade saw the denim skirt become more fashion forward. Denim skirts were being seen on fashion runways and also becoming apart of business casual attire. This one is my favorite with Global Village Kailua's plumeria happy face tank and blazer.
Global Village Kailua denim skirt styling late 2000's


Current denim skirt trends are highlighting maxi long denim skirts, but I don't think that it is for the every day denim skirt wearer, it is more for the fashion forward denim skirt lover. I have to say, it is tough to maneuver around a long denim skirt, not to mention a little heavy.  In our current time, I believe that denim skirts are about comfort. Pairing with white sneakers and a tee will never go out of style.

Global Village Kailua 2020's denim skirt styling
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