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Tips from a Non-Reader: My Mini Reading Challenge Takeaways

So, guess what’s been my most favorite gift recently? My daughter and niece gave me the coolest gift ever – a family book club! Now, truth be told, I'm not a reader. I’ve always been more of a TV person than a bookworm. But I’ve always wanted to be a reader – I just never made the time. Well, it seems like my daughter and niece were reading my mind! This gift was the perfect nudge I needed to kickstart my reading journey, but as a non-reader I had to come up with ways to incorporate reading into my daily routine.

So, I came up with a mini challenge – the goal? To read for a minimum of 15 minutes every day for one week. I figured that 15 minutes a day was totally doable. This was a great challenge to help me get started. Here are some insights and tips I got from doing this mini reading challenge that might just inspire fellow non-readers or book lovers looking for a fresh approach.


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First things first – if you're not already in a book club, you're missing out! Trust me, it's a game-changer. My family's book club not only keeps me on track but also gives us a fantastic excuse to catch up and connect despite our busy lives. Plus, who doesn't love a good facetime book chat?

No book club? No worries! Just get started. Pick a book that resonates with you, explore best-sellers in a subject you are interested in, and check out reviews for some inspiration. By the way, our 1st book club book was "The 7 Husbands of Eleanor Hugo" by Taylor Jenkins Reid – a juicy read that had me hooked from the start. This is the book I read for this mini challenge.


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Now, let's talk tips! On day one, I kicked off my challenge with a morning reading break – coffee in hand, of course. It was a refreshing escape from the usual routine of emails and daily grind.

Day two brought a furry reading buddy into the mix – my buddy, my dog Winston. Reading with a friend, even a furry one, makes the experience way more enjoyable.


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Day three was all about getting outside. Getting that fresh air, switching up the scenery, and soaking in good vibes was a great way to stay motivated. The outdoors has a way of making reading even more enjoyable.


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As the week went on, I found pockets of time to sneak in my 15-minute reads – whether it was before dinner on day four or cozying up with a blanket in the evening on day five. And let's not forget day six, where I mastered the art of multitasking by reading while cooking dinner. A bit tricky, but hey, why not make the most of those hectic moments?

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And finally, on day seven, I celebrated completing my challenge with a well-deserved glass of wine and one last reading session. Cue the confetti – challenge conquered!

So how did I feel after my mini challenge? I felt like – it’s a great way to work on personal goals and now I want to do other mini challenges throughout the year. Fifteen minutes a day turned out to be very manageable, and truth be told, I found myself getting lost in the story and surpassing that goal. Not too shabby for someone who doesn’t read!

If you're like me – a non-reader with a desire to read – here's my advice: choose books that intrigue you, find a reading buddy, make time for small reading moments throughout your day, set achievable goals and reward yourself for accomplishing them. Consider starting with a mini challenge of your own and, if possible, join a book club for added motivation and camaraderie. While I may not yet call myself a seasoned reader, I'm certainly on my way thanks to the thoughtful gift from my niece and daughter. It was such a great gift!!



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