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Whatʻs in a name - Global Village Kailua

In the early nineties we were fresh out of college intrigued by the vibrant world of small businesses. Not sure what to do, we came up with the name Evolution because we knew we wanted to evolve what we did throughout the lifespan of the business.

Whatʻs in a name: Evolution to Global Village Kailua

Unlike todayʻs fast track to information, we took in-person business classes and realized how a name could carry significant weight, embodying the essence and vision of the enterprise. Within a short period of time we made an exciting transformation in our name. We recognized the need for growth and change, and rebranded ourselves as Honua Designs LLC. The new name, "Honua," which translates to "earth" in Hawaiian, perfectly encapsulated our commitment to sustainability and natural inspiration in our design work. It was a beautiful evolution that mirrored our journey of growth and aligned seamlessly with our values.

Whatʻs in a name: Global Village Market to Global Village Kailua

As we opened our brick and mortar store, we similarly chose, Global Village Market, a community-focused business, and then decided to make another strategic change by adopting "Global Village Kailua" as part of our new identity.

 Whatʻs in a name: Global Village to Global Village Kailua              Whatʻs in a name: Global Village to Global Village Kailua

This alteration aimed to strengthen our connection with the local Kailua community while maintaining our global perspective. The name "Global Village" reflects our inclusive and diverse range of products and services, emphasizing a sense of unity among people from various backgrounds. It's a promising step that positions the business to better serve and engage with the Kailua community.

Change is the only constant, and in the business realm, adapting and redefining oneself is crucial for growth and relevance. The transformations undergone by Evolution, to Honua Designs, to Global Village Market and to Global Village Kailua showcase our commitment to progress and aligning with our respective communities. These name changes symbolize a fresh beginning and hold the promise of an exciting journey ahead for our business.

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