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Moms in Business Global Village Kailua

We started Global Village Kailua with our mom, Sharrie, as single ladies. And as the saying goes...first came love, then came marriage, then came baby in the baby carriage - our families grew as our business grew. Navigating motherhood while running a retail boutique brought many challenges. Luckily for us we have our mom as our mentor, guide and role model, and we have been able to support each other through it all.

Many milestones in our business are remembered as it relates to our childrenʻs lives. The births of our kids coincided with a move in locations and later the expansion of our retail space. We closed our brick and mortar and moved 100% online as one was in their first year of college. As Motherʻs Day approaches, we reflect on what it means to us to be "moms in business."


From the beginning, family has been at the heart of Global Village Kailua. Sharrie speaks from the heart, "Being a grandmom in a family owned business gives me the opportunity to spend lots of time with the grandkids: family gatherings turned into business meetings, family visits to shop turned into volunteer help and lots of fun time!"

Work life balance is always a challenge, but owning a small family business has its perks. According to Debbie, "Being a mom and owning a small business has allowed the flexibility to be around for those special moments like going to school performances and chaperoning field trips. It has also afforded our kids the opportunity to work in the family business at an early age learning about work ethic, empathy, patience and kindness."

Mom life and business life are intertwined. Moms have a mental toughness and strength. As moms we learn to be more patient, understanding and flexible. Our kids open us up to new perspectives and help us grow and develop. They teach us as much as we teach them. Applying these "mom" skills to business allows us to be stronger as business women.

tough as a mother tee

In business it pays off to be "tough as a mother"!

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Beautifully expressed. Happy Mother’s Day!

Angela Posatiere

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