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Inside Scoop! Global Village Kailuaʻs Big Plans for 2024!

Aloha, Global Village Kailua ʻOhana!

Can you believe it's 2024 already? We're looking forward to what this year holds for us and wanted to share some exciting plans and goals we've set for the journey ahead. We're all about family vibes, chill living, and embracing that easy, cute style that makes life fun and enjoyable.

So, here are some things we're super excited about diving into this year:

1. Transparency and Authenticity: Provide more insights into our identity, our commitment to family values, our connection to our hometown, and the aloha spirit that inspires us.

2. Expanding Our Unique Products: We're on a mission to broaden our range of unique, locally inspired gifts and tees. We want to make it a breeze for you to find that special something for your favorite people.

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3. Styling Adventures Await: Stay tuned for fun collections! We'll be curating new collections that perfectly blend casual charm with a chic vibe, making your wardrobe dreams a reality.

4. Jewelry Galore: You've shown so much love for our handmade jewelry, and guess what? We're expanding that line! Plus more - weʻll be adding more jewelry options for you throughout the year!

5. More Live Shows & Insider Peeks: We'll continue our live shows and demos so you can hang out with us, see our products up close, and dive into some fun behind-the-scenes action.

6. Stories, Stories, Stories: We're all about the stories behind our products. Expect more stories, more narratives. We want you to feel that connection with each piece – to know the heart and soul of what makes them special.

7. Community Love: Hawaii is our home, and community means everything to us. Follow us on social media as we highlight local businesses and favorite spots on the island. Supporting small local owned businesses is what we love!

8. Your Voice Matters: We want to hear from you! Seriously, your feedback is important to us. We continue to work on improving processes to enhance your shopping experience. From products to services, your voice matters to us.

9. Letʻs Connect!: We've got some amazing friends (aka micro-influencers) who share our vibes. This year, we aim to team up and connect with even more incredible people. Letʻs collaborate!

10. Building our Loyalty and VIP Programs: Finding more ways to reward you for your support because you deserve it! We appreciate you!!

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So, that's our scoop for 2024! We're excited, we're buzzing, and we can't wait to make this year even more fabulous together. Stick around because this year, we're taking our Global Village Kailua ʻOhana on an unforgettable journey!


Sharrie, Debbie and Dawn
The Global Village Kailua Crew ❤️✨

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