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If You Are Heading to the Beach This Summer, You Need These 5 Essentials

As summer approaches, many of us are dreaming of sun-kissed days at the beach, salty sea air, and the gentle rhythm of waves. We love beach days! We are always revived when we get some sun and salt into our day. We like to keep it simple and easy when heading out and wanted to share our 5 essentials that we bring with us for a perfect, stress-free day by the ocean. Simple, easy style, especially for busy lifestyles. So, here are the five beach essentials that every beach-goer needs this summer:

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1. Beach Hat

A stylish beach hat is more than just a fashion statement; it's a summer necessity. A beach hat not only protects you from the sun's harsh rays but also adds a touch of effortless chic to your beach look. Our go-to beach hat right now is the panama drawstring beach hat. But we love a cute bucket hat as well. Whether we're lounging and reading a book or taking a little beach walk, our beach hat keeps us cool and comfortable. We love all the different styles, from fedoras to visors to floppy brim hats – you can pick the perfect one to fit your mood.

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2. Beach Tote
We love a big, roomy beach tote that combines practicality and style. Our favorite beach tote of the season is the weekender tote. These spacious totes are perfect for carrying all your beach essentials – from sunscreen and snacks to books and beach towels – they seriously hold a lot. On our recent trip to the beach, our tote carried 3 towels, a portable speaker, 2 books, sunscreen, zip pouches, cover-ups, and of course, snacks! Stand out with these original designed prints inspired by the island vibes of Kailua. What makes these totes even better? They can be folded flat to take on any adventure. Pack and go.

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3. Zip Pouch
We love zip pouches. In a large tote, zip pouches are how we keep organized, find things, and keep our valuables safe and sand-free. We hate it when it takes forever to find our keys buried in our tote. Zip pouches are perfect for storing your phone, keys, and other small items. Plus, they're great for after-beach errands – perfect for those snack attacks! These original prints remind us of all our favorite things about Hawaii.

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4. Tumbler
Stay hydrated in style with insulated tumblers. Summer months call for extra hydration. 80% of the time our tumblers are filled with ice water. It's so refreshing on a hot beach day. But other faves are iced tea or a tropical smoothie because tumblers keep drinks cold for hours. They’re perfect for the beach – spill-proof and easy to carry! They are also great for an evening stroll with a favorite drink, cocktail, or wine in hand. Island living at its best. Cheers!

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5. Cover-Up
A versatile cover-up is a must-have for any beach day. Our choice? A lightweight kimono cover-up that can transition from the beach to a café. It provides just the right amount of coverage while keeping us cool and comfortable. We also love a mesh cover-up – on-trend and easy style. It can be thrown over a bathing suit for an instant transformation. For the beach and beyond.

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Effortless style and comfort, especially for the summer months, keep us focused on fun in the sun. Our go-to beach essentials help make our beach days as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. So, whether you're planning a day at the beach with family or a solo retreat by the sea, make sure you have these five essentials packed and ready.

Love your style, live the aloha life, and enjoy a fabulous summer!

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