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How to Style an Oversized Graphic Tee

How to Style an Oversized Graphic Tee
Graphic tees are so versatile. Living in Hawaii we wear them practically every day. The best part of graphic tees is that they combine comfort, style and fashion all in one. Itʻs an expression of who we are. In this article we are taking an oversized tee and styling it different ways. The Chasin' Sunrises tee pictured here is size XLG. Oversized tees allow you to tie knots, wear long, belt, and more. Experiment and have fun!!
Dress up the above looks with dressier high waisted shorts or a cute mini skirt. Play around with prints to add even more flair. Accessories like our dad cap bring the outfit all together!!
 How to style oversized graphic tee
Oversized tees are so easy to dress up. The style above and the one below both use a tuck method. The one above is tucked loosely in the back. The one below is tucked tighter in both the front and back. You can also wear your tee loose and use a belt to cinch your waist.
Graphic tees are our jam. Our Global Village Kailua collection features original designs and comes in assorted colors. Knot, tuck, belt and accessorize your oversized tees to create a style all your own!!
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