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Halt for Halters - Halter Styles to Fit Every Part of Your Life

Popular in the late 90ʻs and early 2000ʻs, the halter style is back in full force. This style showcases your shoulders and upper back, while the tie around the neck elongates your torso and draws the eye up. Halters fit many different body types, and looks especially good on medium to full busted women. Halters are a great style for any aspect of your life - from work to play to an evening out!

Office Style: This bodysuit halter is perfect for an office look. Pair with blazer and heels to complete your look. Itʻs also a perfect transition piece if you plan to go from office to a night out with friends.

Halter bodysuit top halter bodysuit

Beach Style: Halter tops and beach style go hand in hand. Wear these tops to the beach and beyond. Throw on a sarong, long skirt or shorts and head out shopping or to lunch.

 crochet halter tophalter top

Day Date or Lunch with Friends: We like short halter dresses for midday fun! Wear a print to stand out even more!

 printed halter dress

Weekend Style: Casual comfort is what we look forward to on weekends. We recommend flowy dresses like these maxi dresses. Theyʻll keep you looking good all weekend long.

 halter maxi dresshalter maxi dress

Night Official: When you are ready for a night, a mini halter dress is the style you want to wear. Fun, flirty and fabulous!

 mini printed halter dressmini halter dress

 Have fun with halters. Itʻs definitely a style to add to your collection.

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