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Global Village Kailua Mentors Hawaiiʻs Youth: Assets High School Mentorship Program

Part of Global Village Kailuaʻs mission statement is to give back to our community. It has been an important part of our business for the past 26 years. During the 2021-2022 school year we had the privilege of working with Assets High School Mentorship Program. It really is an amazing program, and this is the 3rd time that we have participated as mentors. Students work with a business or organization throughout the school year. Our goal as a mentor is to provide a safe positive environment to teach and develop soft skills such as communication, team work, and responsibility in a real work setting. This year our intern was 10th grader, Noe. We asked Noe to talk about her mentorship experience.

What is the Assets School Mentorship Program and how did you pick Global Village Kailua? "The Assets School Mentorship Program is to help high school students get volunteer hours and have a good experience to add to their resume for future jobs. You get to learn many life skills that will be helpful for upcoming adult life. I picked Global Village Kailua because I have been going to Global Village ever since I was little so to me that was the perfect opportunity for a mentorship. And after picking a mentorship we had to fill out a job application, write a cover letter, and make a resume."

Global Village Kailua Assets School Mentorship Program

How would you describe Global Village Kailua? "I would describe it as my favorite place in Kailua town. Its a friendly environment helping many small local artists and businesses. Everyone there is so kind and knows one another. The customers know each other and the people who work there."

What did you learn while working at Global Village Kailua? What skills did you develop? What did you learn most about yourself? "While working at Global Village Kailua I learned and developed many skills that I will use in my life and future jobs. I learned a lot about retail like customer service, how to tag items, restock items, good ways to keep the store clean and safe, and how to use the register. A skill that I have developed and learned a lot about is customer service and communication with the people I am working with.  When I first started I was shy, nervous, and was not a fan of talking to people. But my mentor and the people at Global Village helped me come out of my shell. And I found out how much I love talking to customers and how interesting they are. Some of them are visiting from the mainland or trying really hard to get a good gift for a family member. And itʻs nice because most of the time I can relate to them. I began to participate in class more and talking to some classmates that are now my friends. And now, I am not as much of an introvert as I was before. I enjoy starting conversations and getting to know people."

Global Village Kailua Assets School Mentorship Program

What was your most favorite memory or experience while working at Global Village Kailua? "My favorite memory at Global Village Kailua was when we had a dinner party on the very last day the store was open. Everyone was sharing memories and telling stories about their time at Global Village. We all had a great time laughing and sharing these amazing events. I learned some great things that will stay with me forever."

What are your best takeaways from your experience? "During this mentorship I got to meet some of the best and most friendly, helpful, and kind people I will probably ever meet while being a part of the Assets School Mentorship Program. This has inspired me to want to be as kind and patient to others that I will work with in the future as they were to me."

Global Village Kailua Assets School Mentorship Program

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