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Global Village Kailua Humble Beginnings

Every anniversary is a time to reflect on how far we have come as a business. As a business serving Kailua for over 25 years with a storefront, and now exclusively online for a year and a half, our mother daughters’ team has stuck together through celebrations, successes, and adversity. 
 Global Village Kailua
Only the few die-hard customers know Global Village Kailuaʻs humble beginnings that started as a kiosk at Windward Mall and a kiosk at Polynesian Cultural Center, at the same time doing pop-ups, selling our jewelry creations to other retail stores, and opening a Kailua storefront. 
   Global Village Kailua.   Global Village Kailua
Global Village Kailuaʻs storefront provided apparel, beads, accessories, gifts and handcrafted jewelry from around the globe in a neighborhood boutique environment. 
           Global Village Kailua   Global Village Kailua
Looking back on our beginnings, we started with a manual cash register, hand recorded items sold and then manually input into our iMac, communicated with our vendors via landline and a fax machine. We did not have cellphones, email, or social media, and marketed through direct mail and print ads.
Global Village Kailua  Global Village Kailua
As long-time Kailua residents, we have worked with as a family and a team to reflect Kailua’s lifestyle, a town that is centered around family, environment, love of the ocean and outdoors, and connecting to people.
Global Village Kailua
As we continue to grow with our online shop, Global Village Kailua will continue to learn along the way, and be around for more years to come.
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