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Bangle Bracelet Hawaiian Shell Sterling Silver

Bangle Bracelet Hawaiian Shell Sterling Silver

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Hand soldered a shell found off the shore of Oʻahu. One of a kind. See size measurement tab to determine if this bangle will fit you.

Size Measurement

  1. Ensure you find the perfect-sized bangle by focusing on the widest part of your hand rather than your wrist size. Begin by folding your thumb towards your palm, and then employ a tape measure to identify the hand's maximum width.
  2. Position your hand palm up, ensuring your thumb is not protruding. Once again, measure to identify the widest point. If your hand's widest point measures 20 cm, consider ordering a bangle slightly smaller to provide a snug fit. You should feel a slight resistance when putting it on for a secure and relaxed feel.
  3. If a tape measure is unavailable, improvise using a piece of ribbon or a slim, flexible strip of paper to take the measurement. Subsequently, place it alongside a ruler to determine the circumference accurately.
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