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Unwrapping the Magic: Meet the Artist Behind Our Holiday Graphic!

'Tis the season to be jolly, and here at Global Village Kailua we're thrilled to showcase a touch of holiday magic designed exclusively for Global Village Kailua by a talented digital illustrator and graphic artist, our niece, Anabelle Rottman

Anabelle Rottman digital illustrator global village kailua aloha kalikimaka santa

Anabelle is new to the design illustration and graphic design industry as a 19 year old. However, she is self taught and has already been able to work for clients on logos, a marketing campaign, a logo and brand identity of Positiv Energy (a gas station in West LA), and apparel designs, including some work for Global Village Kailua.

Ever since I can remember, Anabelle has had a unique way of looking at her experiences, absorbing what life has to offer, and then expressing it in some creative form whether it was through her writing, dancing, or artwork.

We sat down with Anabelle to explain our idea of what we thought Santa would be doing after delivering the gifts to children around the world hanging out in Kailua Town. As we shared our thoughts, it became evident that the design is a heartfelt reflection of the joy, warmth, and fun that defines the holiday season. Anabelle drew inspiration from her many visits to Hawaiʻi, infusing her creative with a touch of community that perfectly aligns with the values of our family. The result is Aloha Kalikimaka Santa designThe design seamlessly blends traditional holiday elements with a Hawaiian twist, creating a visual that captures the essence of Christmas in Hawaiʻi.

Global Village Kailua Aloha Kalikimaka group shot

As we embark on this festive journey, we invite you to embrace the joy, creativity, and community spirit that define the holiday season. Aloha Kalikimaka!

Global Village Kailua Aloha Kalikimaka Santa

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