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Tees with Local Roots

Our Global Village Kailua original tees were derived out of our love for the islands, our heritage and more specifically from living and growing up in Kailua. We have lived in Kailua for over 40 years!! As small kids biking down Kainalu to go to school and swim practice, as teens going to the movies at Kailua Cinemas, ʻAikahi Theater and Kailua Drive Inn (sadly all of these theaters no longer exist), and as adults raising our families and operating Global Village Kailua boutique for over 26 years, we have made so many memories that have shaped who we are.

Over the course of 40 years, Kailua has changed from a simple beach town to a tourist destination. Thereʻs more traffic, more visitors, more cars, more developments, more restaurants, more retail stores, and more people. We sometimes miss the simplicity that once was. Amidst these changes, though, Kailua still keeps its magical charm. Its beachy vibe is a big part of it, but we really feel the heart of Kailuaʻs charm comes from our community and the people that live here. Our town is filled with the aloha spirit. When you go to the grocery store or for a walk on the beach you most likely end up talking story to a friend you bump into. Itʻs a community that we feel very connected with. Itʻs a town full of aloha.

Our tee designs combine our local roots with our local heritage, capturing our love of beach days, the beautiful Mokulua Islands, sunny days, our community, the aloha spirit and island living. Itʻs a life we live and breathe. Itʻs our way of sharing a piece of our beautiful hometown, Kailua, but also a piece of ourselves. We hope you enjoy these designs inspired by our history and love of our island home. 

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Beautifully written.
Blessings to you and your family for sharing Aloha in so many ways!


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