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Style Up Your Kitchen with Kitchen Towels: 5 tips to spruce up your kitchen style

Kitchen towels are not just practical items for drying your dishes and cleaning up spills, they can also add a touch of style to your kitchen. Here are a few ways to transform your kitchen into a chic space with stylish kitchen towels:

 palm tree kitchen towel

1. Go bold with prints: Add a pop of color to your kitchen with patterns. Get rid of the plain white towels and opt for colorful prints instead. It will brighten up your kitchen style.

tropical fruit kitchen towellychee kitchen towel

2. Mix it up: Get creative and mix and match different patterns together for a playful look. This creates a more eclectic look that adds interest to your kitchen.

 hibiscus kitchen towel

3. Accessorize with towels: Fold and hang towels in creative spaces to accessorize your kitchen. Drape over the edge of the sink, hang from hook, drape over oven handle and fold in pile on the counter for easy access.

blue coral kitchen towel blue coral kitchen towel

4. Pick a color theme: Give your kitchen a cohesive look with a color scheme that matches or compliments your kitchen scheme. For example, blue hues would be perfect in a beach home.

 hibiscus kitchen towel

5. Change it up with the seasons: Choose seasonal towels to update your kitchenʻs look. Bright colors in the spring and summer and warmer colors in the fall and winter. Seasonal prints, especially, are a fun way to celebrate holidays.

Spice up your kitchen with kitchen towels. Donʻt be afraid to get a little saucy!! Stylish kitchen towels add personality and charm to your kitchen design. The bonus is that kitchen towels are both functional and practical too!! Make cooking and cleaning a breeze with these must-have kitchen accessories.


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