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Gift Wrap with a Kitchen Towel

Incorporating kitchen towels into your gift-wrapping routine not only adds a unique and personal touch but also promotes sustainability. From the ease of a Furoshiki wrap to the charm of a Rustic Potted Plant Wrap. These ideas showcase the versatility of kitchen towels in gift presentation. Next time you find yourself in need of wrapping paper, get a kitchen towel that can turn your gift into a work of art. 


Embrace the art of Furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping technique that involves using fabric to create elegant and reusable gift wraps. Kitchen towels, with their various patterns and sizes, are perfect for this style.

  • Lay the kitchen towel flat, place the gift in the center
  • Take the corners of the towel and tie a knot or secure
  • Now you have a little gift bundle

 Gift wrap with a kitchen towel furoshiki style global village kailua

Pocket Wrap:

Create a functional and decorative gift wrap by turning the kitchen towel into a pocket. This idea is excellent for including a smaller item along with the main gift or for tucking in a heartfelt note.

  • Place the printed side up of the kitchen towel, and if a directional print, face upside down
  • Fold about 1/3 down from top
  • With that same piece fold the kitchen towel back up
  • Next flip the towel over
  • Fold in half lengthwise and tuck into each other
  • Place small gift in pocket
  • Pin or tie a ribbon to keep secure

 Gift wrap kitchen towel pocket wrap global village kailua

Wrap & Tie a Wine Bottle:

Give a classic touch to your gift wrapping by folding the kitchen towel around the gift and securing it with a simple, yet stylish, knot. This method works well for various-sized gifts and allows you to showcase the towel's design.

  • Place the kitchen towel design side down horizontal length
  • Place the wine bottle in the center about 6 inches away from edge
  • Fold kitchen towel over the bottom of the wine bottle
  • Fold kitchen towel ends in like wrapping paper
  • Bring bottle upright and fold towel around nicely
  • Tie with a ribbon to secure
  • Add herbs for a nice touch

Gift Wrap a Kitchen Towel with Global Village Kailua

Rustic Wrap Potted Plant:

Transform a kitchen towel into a rustic-inspired gift wrap for a beautiful potted plant. A kitchen towel is a nice complement for a botanical theme.

  • Place the towel design side down
  • Use a piece of aluminum foil to act as a buffer for water and dirt and place at center
  • Fold corners in
  • Fold towel up toward top of pot
  • Use clothespins or clips to attach each corner to the pot temporarily
  • Tie your pre-measured ribbon around the pot

 Gift Wrap Kitchen Towel with Potted Plant Global Village Kailua

Whether you opt for the simplicity of a wrap and tie or a slightly more intricate folded gift pocket, each method adds a special touch to your presents while also promoting sustainability and creativity. Next time you're looking to make your gift-giving experience memorable, consider reaching for a kitchen towel to add that extra flair.

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